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SCBWI Canada East Listserv

The Canada East listserv offers members a way of talking to each other directly. It is open to all members of Canada East and Canada West, as well as to all Canadian members of SCBWI living abroad who may currently belong to other chapters but would like to keep up with Canadian goings-on. Follow the link to join the conversation, the sharing of knowledge, and the exchange of ideas! But first, please read through this page for some useful information.

It’s easy to join the listserv. We’ve linked directly to Yahoo, so all you need to do is click on the purple button labelled “+ Join Group” to ask to be added. In your request, please be sure to include your full name, unless it is obvious from your email address (e.g., Your membership must be confirmed before we can add you to the listserv, and we cannot do so without knowing your full name.

Also, please note that the SCBWI Canada East Listserv is a Yahoo group, which means that a Yahoo ID and email address are required. However, you do not have to use that email address in order to participate in the group. Once you have created your Yahoo ID, you will find an option to “manage email addresses” (or something similar). Specify your regular email address (or the one you would like to use for the SCBWI listserv), identify it as your primary email address, and all Yahoo group communication from that point forward will be directed there.

If you have signed up for the listserv but aren’t receiving messages, you may be having a more general problem with SCBWI email. Head for our FAQ page and see if the steps outlined under “I don’t seem to be receiving emails from SCBWI. What should I do?” solve the problem.

As always, please contact us if you have questions!