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What are get-togethers? They are opportunities to socialize and network with other SCBWI members in person or online.

A lion reading a book to a boy, a cat, and a dog, with the caption, Let's Get Together Canada East!

Our local get-togethers can address specific topics or be a friendly, informal exchange of ideas, news, and a few laughs. They can be focused on writing or illustrating, or both.

A sketch & scrawl is a specialized in-person get-together: a roving sketch-and-scribble party for illustrators and writers. Think “pub crawl” for a group of illustrators and writers, but swap out the pub for a variety of outdoor locations. The idea is to meet other SCBWI members, sketch pad and drawing tools in hand, to chat and draw and write in interesting spots outdoors. (A “sketch crawl” is basically the same thing, with perhaps more of a focus on illustration.)

Our in-person get-togethers and sketch & scrawls are planned by local volunteer coordinators, who help SCBWI Canada East members connect with others living in their area. If you don’t live in any of the areas listed below, consider initiating a get-together in your area. Email Alma Fullerton at to get started.

Online, we offer  Canada East Online Get-Togethers and Les rencontres en ligne de l’est du Canada East. These are hosted by members of our regional team and are open to all members across our region. They will be of particular interest to those who do not have access to an in-person get-together in their area. Our bimonthly Illustrators’ Online Get-Together, organized and hosted by our Illustrator Coordinator, welcomes illustrators and illustration enthusiasts from across our region. And our bi-monthly BIPOC Talk get-togethers, hosted by Nadia Hohn, offer our Black, Indigenous, or Person of Colour (BIPOC) members a comfortable space to talk about their experiences in publishing, meet other BIPOC creators, and share resources.

To join in the fun, please contact one of the coordinators below or keep an eye on the events calendar for upcoming get-togethers and sketch & scrawls.

Note: As of June 2022, our local get-togethers will once again be meeting in person. However, should they migrate online, note that all chapter members are welcome to attend any local get-together, regardless of location. That is one advantage of a virtual event—no driving five or fifteen hours just to go to lunch!

To be certain you are receiving all communications about get-togethers and sketch & scrawls, please keep your membership profile updated as outlined in Step #8 under Perks.




Get-togethers: Peggy Collins


Get-togethers and Sketch & Scrawls: Julien Chung, Julie Prescesky, and Mitali Ruths.


Get-togethers: Helen Mason


Get-togethers: Annette Gaffney and Ann Marie Meyers

Sketch & Scrawls: Ellie Arscott


Get-togethers and Sketch & Scrawls: Jill Bogart and Christy Obalek



Hosted by Nadia Hohn


ILLUSTRATORS’ GET-TOGETHERS (writers are welcome too!)

Organized by Illustrator Coordinator Julien Chung