Society of
Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators


When Noreen Kruzich (then Noreen Kruzich Violetta) arrived in Canada from the States, she was astonished to find that SCBWI had no presence north of the border. She addressed that situation in 1997, founding the SCBWI Canada chapter and becoming its first RA, with Lizann Flatt serving as the first ARA. Interest in the organization grew rapidly, and in 2004, the chapter split into Canada East and Canada West.

Canada East has enjoyed remarkably stable leadership. When Lizann ultimately became RA almost a decade after the chapter’s 1997 founding, Alma Fullerton was named ARA. In 2014, Alma assumed the role of RA, with Michelle Jodoin as ARA.

During this time, SCBWI Canada East has also had three Illustrator Coordinators. Christine Tripp, who debuted the role, was succeeded by Peggy Collins, who in turn passed the reins to our current IC, Julien Chung, in 2022.

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